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To further boost Tourism to Indonesia, President Joko Widodo of Indonesia has recently signed Presidential Decree no. 104 of 2015, granting special Short Stay Visa Free facilities for tourists who are nationals of a total 75 countries who wish to travel to Indonesia.

And, including the 15 countries and Special Regions who already have reciprocal Visa Free Agreements with Indonesia, this brings the total to 90 countries whose nationals may be extended Visa Free Entry.  This means an addition of no less than 45 more countries compared to the list of only a few month back. The new Decree is now already being implemented.

Indonesia aims to receive 20 million tourists in 2019, a surge from an estimated 10 – 12 million international tourist arrivals in 2015, stated Indonesian Tourism Minister, Arief  Yahya.

Nationals of the 75 countries wishing to visit Indonesia for tourist purposes should, however, please  note:

That Entry can be made only through 5 designated Airports, namely the International Airports of Jakarta, Bali, Batam, Surabaya and Medan, as well as through 4 seaports on the island of Batam namely: Sekupang, Batam Center, Nongsa Terminal Bahari, Marina Teluk Senimba and Citra Tri Tunas. Three on the island of Bintan: Sri Bintan Tanjung Pinang, Bandar Bentan Telani Lagoi, Bandar Seri Udana Lobam,   and 1 at Tanjung Balai Karimun, all are in the Province of the Riau Islands (Kepulauan Riau – Kepri) facing Singapore and Malaysia.

Exit should be made only through specified International Airports, Seaports and Land borders.  throughout Indonesia.

The Departure points where Visa-free tourists may exit Indonesia are :

The airports of : Soekarno-Hatta and Halim Airport, Jakarta; Bandung airport, Adisucipto Yogyakarta, Solo; Semarang, Surabaya airports; Bali; Kupang; Aceh;  Batam; Pekanbaru airport; Palembang; Padang; Kuala Namu and Polonia Medan, Hasanuddin Makassar and Sam Ratulangi Manado; and Balikpapan.

Seaports are : Nongsa , Sekupang, Batam Center, Harbor Bay, Marina Teluk Senimba, Batam; Bandar Bentan Telani, Bandar Seri Udana, and Tanjung Pinang on Bintan, Tg Balai Karimun;  Dumai Riau; Teluk Nibung Tg. Balai Asahan; Bandar Sri Setia Raya Bengkalis; Belawan Medan; Kuala Langsa; Sibolga, Siak Seri Indrapura Riau;  Padang; Bengkulu port; Benoa and Padang Bai Bali; Tg Priok Jakarta, Yos Sudarso Cirebon; Tg Mas Semarang, Surabaya, Makassar; Bitung port; Kupang Nunukan, Malundung Tarakan; Jayapura.

Land border: Mota’an Atambua and Entikong, Kalimantan.

Tourist Visa Free Facilities are valid for 30 days, are non-extendable and cannot be transferred into any other type of visa.

The Visa Free facility can be used for the following purposes: government duties, education, social-cultural purposes, tourism, business, family visits and on transit.

The following are the Countries extended Visa Free Facilities according to Presidential Decree No. 104 of 2015:

1.   South Africa 26. Japan 51. Qatar
2.   Algeria 27. Germany 52. People’s Republic of China
3.  United States of America 28. Canada 53. Rumania
4.  Angola 29. Kazakhstan 54. Russia
5.  Argentina 30. Kirgizstan 55. San Marino
6.  Austria 31. Croatia 56. Saudi Arabia
7.  Azerbaijan 32. South Korea 57. New Zealand
8.  Bahrain 33. Kuwait 58. Seychelles
9.  The Netherlands 34. Latvia 59. Cyprus
10. Belarus 35. Lebanon 60. Slovakia
11. Belgium 36.Liechtenstein 61. Slovenia
12. Bulgaria 37. Lithuania 62. Spain
13. Czech Republic 38. Luxemburg 63. Suriname
14. Denmark 39. The Maldives 64. Sweden
15. Dominican Republic 40. Malta 65. Switzerland
16. Estonia 41. Mexico 66. Taiwan
17. Fiji 42. Egypt 67. Tanzania
18. Finland 43. Monaco 68. Timor Leste
19. Ghana 44. Norway 69. Tunisia
20. Hungary 45. Oman 70. Turkey
21. India 46. Panama 71. United Arab Emirates
22. The United Kingdom 47. Papua New Guinea 72. The Vatican
23. Ireland 48. France 73. Venezuela
24. Iceland 49. Poland 74. Jordan
25. Italy 50. Portugal 75. Greece


While the existing 15 countries/Regions already given Visa Free status are:

  1. Thailand
  2. Malaysia
  3. Singapore
  4. Brunei Darussalam
  5. Philippines
  6. Cambodia
  7. Myanmar
  8. Laos
  9. Vietnam
  10. Hong Kong SAR
  11. Macau SAR
  12. Chile
  13. Morocco
  14. Peru
  15. Ecuador

Please be advised that Visa-Free Short Visits may only be extended upon approval from the Minister of Justice and Human Rights/Director General of Immigration of the Republic of Indonesia based on natural disaster, illness  or accident, but cannot be transferred to another type of visa. Overstay visitors incur to pay a penalty of US$20.- per day/per person

– Passport must be valid for a minimum of 6 (six) months as from the date of entry into Indonesia.
– Onward or return tickets are compulsory
– No compulsory vaccinations
– Visitors on Visa-Free Short Visits must be enter and exit from certain airports and seaports in Indonesia.

1 This visa is issued by the Indonesian Embassy to applicants who are going to Indonesia for a social/cultural visit, such as visiting relatives/friends; social organizations; exchange visits between educational institutions; undertaking research and attending training program  in Indonesia.
2 Type of entry: Single Entry
Maximum length of stay is 60 days.
Extensions can be applied for and obtained in Indonesia from the Immigration Authorities.
3 Approval from the Immigration Office in Indonesia is needed for applicants who wish to stay longer than 60 days which must be applied for by the applicant’s sponsor/relative/friends who reside/base in Indonesia.
4 A person granted a student, research or training visa is not permitted to take up employment, and may not remain in Indonesia for any purpose other than that for which the visa was granted.
5 Multiple entries need special permit from the Immigration Office in Indonesia.
6 Validity of visa will be 180 days  from the date of issue.

Required documents which should be submitted are as follows:
1 Passport (with a minimum validity of 6 months from the date of entry into Indonesia)
2 One completed visa application form
3 One colored passport size 3 x 4 photograph
Together with:
For visiting relatives/friends/social organizations
4  A letter of invitation from the applicant’s family/relatives/friends/social organizations in Indonesia, and copy of their passport (main details only) or ID (KTP).

For study/training/research
1 A letter of registration from the institution/college/school in Indonesia verifying the duration and nature of the course, training or research.
2 Evidence that all the necessary fees have been paid in advance. If the applicant is on a scholarship/award programme, a statement/letter of confirmation from the sponsor(s)/awardees is required.

How long is the visa valid for?
The maximum stay for visitors is normally 60 days, except for the Visa on Arrival which has a maximum stay of 30 days and also certain type of visas given based on approval from the Immigration Authority in Indonesia.

Working permit in Indonesia 
Employing of a foreign operational director, manager, technician, expert and even specialized workers by a company in Indonesia is allowed, as long as there is no Indonesian available who is qualified to fill the position or job. The Department of Labor in Indonesia issues regulations on this matter in the form of a list of professional positions in every business sector that are open for the employment of expatriates.

An expatriate wishing to take up employment in Indonesian needs to obtain a working permit. Usually, the Working Permit will be taken care of by the employer.


Type of Visas :

  • Family / Social and Cultural Visa
  • Multiple Entry Business Visa
  • Visa Extensions
  • Working Visa (KITAS) + KITAP
  • Business Visa
  • Retirement Visa
  • Indonesian Passport and Visa for abroad
  • Multiple exit re-entry permits
  • EPO (exit permit only)

Business Consultancy:
Setup of PT (Limited Company)
Setup of PMA (Foreign Investment Company)

The type of visa depends on your stay in Indonesia. We also Advise and Assist with legal matters/problems.

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